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Dec 1, 2013 10:00pm EST
own work? over the next couple of years of. >> own father was a great proponent of activist government. what they have done is to disprove the theory to see those programs of might have worked had obama the bad able to see the majority. why rely on government? it does not work. it is a very perverse it does give people a sense that it seems distant and confused one of the reasons why the health care act is not working of the web site because 25 states are controlled by republicans and refused to set up the portals that would have been working at the state level instead of the federal level so every effort to assure the activist government is blocked what might or the other. to feed it to the cynicism. >> but with the fdr spirit of experimentation. >>. >> but to go through the cycles of conservative thinking and the world has changed so profoundly to the process with responding by a keystroke with the fact we have lost the character of our political process and we don't stop and take her on dash a and c eddie more. as the members of the tea party. although it costs the economy to do $5
Dec 7, 2013 8:00am EST
the democrats retake congress, the house in the next congressional election. but at the very least, he can leave a legacy for future be presidents to look back on and say, well, obama wasn't able to complete it there, but we can do it in the future. >> in the introduction that's reprinted in the series of biographies that artur edited for -- arthur edited for times books, john seigenthaler -- [inaudible] he quotes henry adams saying that a president of the united states is like the commander of a ship at sea. he should have a course to steer ask a sense of mission. tom, you have covered presidents back beginning with polk as i recall -- [laughter] so what do you -- where would you put obama -- >> on that scale? well, i'm going to take, seek refuge as historians do by saying it's too early to tell. [laughter] >> only time will tell. >> but what i think is -- i've been a journalist for 50 years, a student of the american political process every waking moment of that time as well, and i've been inside the gate a lot during times of crises and triumphs. and my one overarching conclusion is no one is
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2